Tips and Principles of an Effective Warm up

An effective warm-up is a group of exercises performed immediately before an activity that provides the body with a transition from rest to exercise. It provides the body with an adequate adjustment period in order to move effectively without over … Continue reading

Cross Training for Dancers: Constructing an Individualized Program for Balancing Exertion and Recuperation, Exercise/Fitness and Restoration Practices

In professional sports, athletes may spend as much time in cross training models as they do on the practice fields. Dancers are artists, yet the rigor of physical training also requires training as an athlete. Cross training in sports and … Continue reading

Honoring Individual Differences in Human Anatomy when Training in the Studio, at the Gym, or on the Mat

Each human is different, we have different personality traits, some are reserved and shy while other people are exuberantly outgoing. Each trait can provide assets and challenges as we navigate through our environment of work, home life, recreation and rest. … Continue reading