Workshops in 2021/2022

Functional Awareness® Deep Dives

FA Deep Dives are longer workshops to investigate anatomy, movement application, and current research in a bit more depth than the FA Shorts.

Improving Core Support: Neuromuscular and Neurocognitive Approaches

March 6, 2022 12:00pm-2:00pm EST *VIRTUAL

This Deep Dive examines and explores:

  • The muscular, myofascial, and neurocognitive contributions to core support
  • Current research by integrative anatomists, somatic researchers, and medical research
  • Practical strategies and exercises sequences to improve core movement for support in danee actions
  • The role of daily movement habits to support whole health in pelvic and hip joint use

This virtual workshop will be offered via the Zoom classroom

Fee: $40.00

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