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Workshops in Functional Awareness®: Anatomy in Action

The Modules can be taken individually or together, in sequence or out of sequence

Functional Awareness WorkshopModule 1: Investigations in Dynamic Alignment through Embodied Anatomy
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Module 2: The Wonderful World of the Pelvis

Module 3: Improving Core/Central Support

Module 4: Improving Stability of the Standing Leg

Module 5: The Elegant Spiral Nature of the Musculoskeletal System & Expressivity of Arms
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Functional Awareness WorkshopModule 6: Tools and Approaches for Hands On Facilitation in Movement Education
Module 6 is only available for participants who completed at least 3 Modules

Module 7: The Nervous System and It’s Role in Movement Education, Pain, and Injury

Summer Intensives in Embodied Anatomy: Anatomy for Dancers, Yogis, Body Workers, Physical Trainers, Somatic Practitioners Learn or relearn anatomy and musculoskeletal principles in an active, engaging approach. The course provides tools and applications to various fields of expertise. 30 hours of course study, theory, and practical applications and movement explorations.