Functional Awareness® & Yoga in BALTIMORE

Starting on May 29th!!

When: Wednesdays 9:30-10:30am
Where: Yoga Tree Baltimore 
What: FA® principles presented and integrated into practice of Vinyasa yoga

Functional Awareness® & Yoga classes enhance understanding of movement function to deepen your expression of each posture or asana. The class moves through a series of poses using anatomical visualization and hands on assists to support your practice on the mat. FA® & Yoga is founded on over 40,000 hours of experience and research in movement efficiency training. Each also class contains a concept to integrate Functional Awareness® principles into daily life in order to release unnecessary tension, improve posture and develop ease in action beyond the mat. Following each class Nancy is available for individual attention on yoga postures.

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Deepen Your Skills for Moving, Teaching, Living in Your Body

     Functional Awareness Workshop Functional Awareness Workshop

Explorations in Embodied Anatomy & Movement Efficiency

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Functional Awareness®


Photographs:  Jim Burger photography