Private sessions take place in Ms. Romita’s studio in Baltimore, MD. Call her at Phone 410 218 0788 or email to schedule a session.

What can I expect in my Functional Awareness® sessions?

Functional Awareness® teaches movement efficiency in action. Each session involves the study of the body in motion, guidance on posture and alignment, and tools to initiate change in habitual movement patterns. The sessions include movement work that examines both daily tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, bending, driving, sleeping, desk work as well as examining efficiency of movement for sports or performance arts activities. Ms Romita’s practice includes people who want to improve neuromuscular coordination, people recovering from surgery or injury, people who want to improve posture, balance or walking (gait).

How many lessons do I need?

Private sessions vary from person to person. After the first consult there is a recommendation provided regarding number and frequency of sessions.

What clothing is needed?

Comfortable workout clothing is best.

How long is each session and how much does it cost?

Private sessions are 30 to 40 minutes in length. The fee for one session is $90.00. Payment is expected at the time of the lesson with cash or check.

What happens if I arrive late or need to cancel a session?

Arriving late may shorten your own session time so as not to impinge on the next person’s session. In this way you will also seldom have to wait for your own session to begin. If you decide to cancel, please call the day or evening before a lesson. The student is responsible for payment when a lesson is missed without a cancellation notice of at least 24 hours. In the case of inclement weather a student is always allowed to cancel at the last minute without a charge, if they feel driving in that weather is stressful or dangerous to them.

Qualifications of the provider:

Nancy Wanich-Romita has been teaching the Alexander Technique and movement efficiency in action for dancers for over 30 years. She is the Director of the Alexander Technique Mid-Atlantic Teacher Training Course (ATMTC) in Baltimore and creator of Functional Awareness™ Anatomy in Action. For 16 years Ms. Romita has been teaching a yearlong course in experiential anatomy and kinesiology for dancers at Towson University where she is also the director of the Somatic Lab and leads the partnership with the TU Dance Dept. and Johns Hopkins Medicine. She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS). Her research in collaboration with Andrea Lasner at Johns Hopkins Medicine was presented at the 2013 IADMS conference. Her current research in collaboration with Catherine Horta Hayden and Lasner on the use of rotator discs integrated into ballet technique class will be presented at IADMS in Basel Switzerland in October 2014.

Ms. Romita was certified by the American Center for the Alexander Technique in NYC in 1984. She completed the Post Certification in Alexander Technique with John Nicholls in 2009. She is also certified in Dance Injury Rehabilitation from the Westside Dance Physical Therapy in NYC, the on staff PTs to the NYC Ballet Ms. Romita holds a BA in Dance and Child Development from Connecticut College, and a Masters in Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Theater from Towson University.