Become a Certified/Licensed Functional Awareness® Educator

Functional Awareness® (FA) is an approach to embodied anatomy through reflective somatic practice. The mission of Functional Awareness® is to enhance understanding of movement function, facilitate ease in body action and improve dynamic alignment.

Functional Awareness® Movement Educators develop a firm foundation in anatomical and somatic approaches to movement. Participants learn specific strategies and skills facilitate efficiency of movement. In addition, the program teaches one to live and practice the principles of ease in action in the studio and also integrate the principles in daily life.

Functional Awareness® Movement Educator Certification Sequence of Study

  • One 5-day Functional Awareness Immersion
  • Independent study and application assignments throughout the year
  • Six online discussions (TBD)
  • A second 5-day Functional Awareness Immersion

An anatomy competency assessment (a supportive approach to ensure participant competency in functional anatomy concepts. Additional support and resources may be recommended for those with less comfort with the anatomical concepts and request repetition and deeper study to develop the scaffolding of pertinent information).

Participants will:

  • Learn the FA reflective practice of the 4Rs
  • Learn an approach to anatomy through multimedia, interactive, creative methods
  • Develop visual, tactile, and proprioceptive skills training to assess, assist, and enhance student learning
  • Participate in private and group sessions and discussions with Certified FA Educators
  • Integrate Functional Awareness principles into personal movement practice
  • Develop lesson plans/course materials applying FA concepts to specific disciplines
  • Teach integrative research and applications to fellow educators and trainees

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