Breath Exploration

Breath Exploration
Time: 7:58Year: 2016
  • Description

Functional Awareness® Breathing Exploration: This audio file is a guided breathing practice. It gently guides the listener through a series of explorations in breathing patterns to deepen one’s understanding of breath, facilitate ease, reduce tension, and explore enhanced breathing potential.

*Note for iPhone Users: You can listen to the audio in your browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) on your iPhone. However you will not be able to download the audio directly to your iPhone because of Apple’s security system. Instead we suggest you download it on your computer first then save the file to your iTunes account (or similar) and sync with your phone. Alternatively you can save it to your Dropbox account (you can join for free at for instance, which you can then access on your phone. You can then choose to save the file (make available offline), so you can play it on your phone at any time.

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