Ways of Walking

An approach to standing and walking, integrating Alexander Technique and principles of Functional Awareness®, including movement explorations and a table protocol to facilitate re-patterning in standing and walking.

Workshop Outline

A Brief definition of terms of Alexander Technique and Functional Awareness®:

A selected reading FM’s last chapter in Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual

Functional Awareness® (FA) is a somatic approach that provides a series of explorations in experiential anatomy to heighten our sensory appreciation in order to enhance our understanding of movement function to facilitate ease in body action.

FA Exploration: Anatomy in Action and Habit

Exploration of the AO joint and the rectus capitis and obliquus capitis to discover the deep postural support

Exploring degrees of flexion and extension at the AO joint. An introduction to the deep postural support muscles of the neck.

FA Exploration: Anatomy in Action and Skeletal Awareness in standing

Examining the anatomical plumb line of balance, the bony landmarks for balance, and the primary and secondary curves in relationship to balance.

FA Exploration: Anatomy in Action: The deep postural support system for standing

The deep postural support system: Transversospinalis and psoas and their role in core postural support.  Type 1 vs. type 2 muscle fibers in postural support: discovering the relationship between gravity and energy

FA Exploration: Anatomy in Action: The relations of feet to the lengthening spine

Semi supine exploration with feet on the wall.

Lunch break

FA Exploration 7: Anatomy in Action: Ways of walking:

Partner work: Stepping into one another’s walk

Anatomical awarenessSeveral biomechanical considerations in gait

Alexander Technique Table work

Romita Protocol for leg tracking: a table application

Remaining with the Primary directions while attending to the legs on the table:

Leg tracking: or…..’By the way…knee bend’

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Workshop 1 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Nancy! Just listened to your podcast with Robert! Great topic! I am interested in working with kids with these ideas. When is your next workshop training for AT teachers?
    Best wishes,
    Katie Fittipaldi

    • Sorry this took so long to reply. Thanks so much for your interest in this!
      My next workshops for AT teachers will be March 2015 in Baltimore MD.
      I am happy to send the information when we have the exact date.
      I am teaching two days of Functional Awareness for AT teachers at ACAT in NYC the first weekend in MAy
      I am offering two workshops for dance educators.
      I will be proposing a workshop for the AGM in Boston as well.