ATMidAtlantic Teacher Training Apprenticeship

Training Course Requirements for Admission

  • the candidate has received a minimum of 30 Alexander lessons, one of which must be with the training director
  • is at least 22 years of age
  • provides a transcript to verify a Bachelor’s Degree
  • must complete an application form
  • supplies one letter of recommendation from a certified Alexander teacher
  • provides $25.00 application fee

Course Format

How many students are admitted to the program?
We have no greater than a 1-5 teacher/student ratio.

This is a three-year program with a total of 9 terms.
Total number of hours for completion of the program: 1,600

Proposed tuitions and fees:
Annual tuition is $6,600 per year or $2,200 per term. In addition students are expected to pay for required books. Students are required to attend one AGM meeting during their training course of study.

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