Functional Awareness Yoga WorkshopFunctional Awareness® (FA) is a practical somatic approach that provides a series of explorations in experiential anatomy to enhance our understanding of movement function, facilitate ease in body action, and improve dynamic alignment. It explores the relationship between the skeletal structure, the muscle structure and the myofascial tissue throughout the body to help sustain a dynamic elasticity and resiliency to create efficiency of movement and ease in action. 

Sample Workshop Outline

FA Exploration 1: Anatomy in Action & Habit

Habit’s influence on body tension and efficiency of movement

FA Exploration: Anatomy in Action & Skeletal Awareness in standing

The plumb line of standing and it’s importance in standing and balance poses.

FA Exploration: Anatomy in Action: How we think is how we are

The deep postural support system: The transversospinalis and their role in core postural support.

FA Exploration: Anatomy in Action: The 6 motions of the trunk

The resilient nature of the spine & it’s function in twists.  

FA Exploration: Anatomy in Action The wonderful world of the pelvis:

Skeletal landmarks, tools to discover pelvic neutral and effective forward fold.

Exploring individual anatomical differences in hip movement that affect deep squat.

Putting it all together with a flow

Participants will:

—Explore an introduction to the skeletal structure of spine as well as rudimentary information of the muscle structure of the trunk as it applies to yoga poses.

—Learn the importance of the plumb line of balance to head/tail/feet relationship, and the use of anatomical imagery to facilitate better balance for mountain pose, tree pose, etc.

—Explore the anatomical factors for the six motions of the trunk and how this informs various poses including twists  

—Experience a functional awareness in hip flexion (the head of the femur and the acetabulum) in relation to movement of the lumbar spine and apply this to forward fold and a seated pose such as dandasana or staff pose.

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