Module 2 – The Wonderful World of the Pelvis

Functional Awareness® (FA) is a practical somatic approach that provides a series of explorations in experiential anatomy to enhance our understanding of movement function, facilitate ease in body action, and improve dynamic alignment. It explores the relationship between the skeletal structure, the muscular structure and the myofascial tissue in order to help sustain elasticity, resiliency, and efficiency of movement. 

Participants Will…

  1. Deepen cognitive and experiential understanding of anatomy and movement function through discussion & embodied movement exploration.
  2. Learn practical cuing skills to improve postural alignment, hip rotation and flexion for movement from squats to développé.
  3. Understand the role of daily movement habits and their profound implications on dance training.
  4. Learn verbal cuing & hands on tools to guide others towards balanced alignment and improved use of the pelvic structure for weight shift dynamic movement and turnout.



  1. The Role of Habit on Dance Training
    1. Explorations of Daily Movement Patterns
  1. Skeletal Factors: The Pelvis is the Conduit from Head to Feet
    1. Lecture/Discussion and Movement Explorations
  1. The Balance of Feet and the AO joint
    1. Anatomical Mapping
      1. Movement Explorations
  1. Skeletal landmarks of the pelvis; Understanding pelvic neutral
    1.  Exploration of Teaching Tools
  1. Muscular Factors in Hip Movement
    1. The Deep Lateral Rotators, Medial Rotators and Psoas Major
      1. Lecture/Discussion and Movement Exploration
  1. The Role of the Pelvic Floor to Support the Pelvis in Dance
  2. Quantitative and Qualitative Measures of Rotation in the hip
    1. Functional Footprints, Paper, Kinesthetic sensing
  1. Myofascial Release to Activate Resiliency in Hip Action
    1. Movement Explorations with Release Technique
  1. Physical Tools to Recruit Lateral Rotation Efficiently
    1. Investigation and play with rotator pads
  1. Stretch Techniques for Medial and Lateral Hip Rotation

Beach Glass and Shells: Reflection on the Day